Privacy Statement as at May 26, 2020

Your health screening and data back-up assistant app

The North-West University respects the privacy of the customers of their TjopTjop app, and will only collect, use, store and disclose your personal information in accordance with your contract (the Terms and Conditions), our Privacy Statement, and as permitted by legislation. 

We recognize every individual’s right to privacy and acknowledge our obligation to preserve the confidentiality of personal information. Personal information for purposes of this Privacy Statement shall be as defined in the Protection of Personal Information Act, 4 of 2013.

This Privacy Statement applies to the North-West University and/ or its nominees in its collection, use, storage and disclosure of personal information in the course of providing the services associated with the TjopTjop app.

We reserve the right to update our TjopTjop Privacy Statement at any time and such modifications shall
be effective immediately, unless otherwise stated.

Personal Information
By signing up for the TjopTjop App, you are requesting and mandating the North-West University to assist you in recording and storing certain personal information related to your institution’s students, pupils, learners, staff and customers (hereinafter referred to as “data-subjects”).

Our TjopTjop Project Office is responsible for maintaining and protecting personal information under its control and has designated a Privacy Officer who is accountable for this Privacy Statement and applicable governing laws.  The Privacy Officer may be contacted as follows:

Privacy Officer
TjopTjop Project Office
Faculty of Engineering
North-West University
11 Hoffman Street
South Africa

Purpose and consent
You will identify, from time to time, the purposes for which personal information of data subject is collected and stored by TjopTjop.  The purposes for which personal information is collected, used or disclosed must be those that a reasonable person would consider are appropriate in the circumstances and only such personal information as reasonably required for the purpose for which it was collected. 

Should you not expressly decline it, your institution’s data may be shared with the national and provincial health authorities, upon their request or as required by the relevant legislation.

We may also disclose your institution’s information to a government authority that has asserted its
lawful authority to obtain the information, or to comply with a court order or warrant or otherwise as permitted by applicable legislation.

You also warrant that you have legally obtained the information and have the necessary consents in place for you and the North-West University to process such personal information and that you have sought legal opinion as to the legality of your data collection.  This may include (but is not limited to) you acting in terms of:

·       requirements by a competent authority or government by means of national regulations or legislation; or
·       obtaining consent of the individual, or his/her legal guardian in the case of minors,  for the collection, use, processing or disclosure of personal information.

An individual’s consent may vary, depending upon the circumstances and the type of information.

Limiting Collection
TjopTjop only records and stores data as supplied by its operator, whom you hereby designate as your agent. We do not use cookies, Web Beacons or other technologies to collect identifiable personal information from visits to our Website.

Personal information recorded and stored by TjopTjop will be retained for a period not exceeding twelfe (12) months before being deleted by means of an approved process of destruction.

We do not warrant that personal information recorded by TjopTjop will be accurate, complete or up-to-date.  Your institution and its agents are the source of the data and is responsible to ensure that information is up-to-date.

North-West University protects personal information under the TjopTjop app by implementing reasonable
security safeguards appropriate to the sensitivity of information.  We are committed to keeping personal information secure, and have appropriate technical, administrative and physical procedures in place to protect personal information against loss or theft, as well as authorized access, disclosure, copying, use, modification and disposal.

In addition, methods of protection and safeguards include, but are not limited to, locked filing cabinets, restricted access to offices, security clearances, need-to-know access and technological measures including the use of passwords, encryption and firewalls.

We limit access to personal information to those who have a legal right to access the information. We keep personal information only for a reasonably needed period of time.

Individual Access
When a legitimate request is made to us to process your institution’s or data subject’s information, we will  inform you accordingly.  Upon request, organisations can review the accuracy and completeness of their personal
information and may have it amended, if appropriate.

Challenging Compliance
Any questions about our Privacy Statement are to be directed to our Privacy Officer.  We will inform individuals who make inquiries or lodge complaints about our procedures, and we will investigate all inquiries or complaints. We will notify the complainant of the outcome of the investigation and any relevant steps